Thursday, April 11, 2013

With April being Autism Awareness Month, I said I was going to post accomplishments of my oldest son, Gavin, who is on the spectrum and also has ADHD, Depression, O.D.D and Anxiety.  He was asked if he wanted to do an after school program on Tuesdays and since I was going to be there helping teach, he said he would do it.  As our 'mud season' winds down to a close, I am amazed with not only did he stick it out and successfully completed the after school programs, he actually did MATH with me and DRAMA.......two things he is NOT normally into by any means!  I am so proud of his accomplishments to still learn about money and budgeting with our Money Sense class and to not be afraid to speak in front of his peers by acting stories out for our play.  The kids were all given surveys to complete this week.  You know the kind.....what were the pros of the classes, what can be improved upon..e.t.c.  Gavin had stated that his favorite part of the after school program was having his mom as his teacher.  I think tears would well up in any mother's eyes from reading that.  Those that had seen Gavin when I came home to teach early childhood when he was 3 know, that Gavin had a hard time and did not want me teaching him when he was younger.  To be able to share the knowledge with him and to see him actually getting something out of it and enjoying our time together, I am such a proud mom.  Those of you who have young children on the spectrum, days can be long and full of frustration, but your early intervention, love and care doesn't go unnoticed.  They do remember and do indeed love you for loving them.

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